Top 10 Things You Must Need To Check Before Buying A New Bike

Every day more than 1000 bike is sold in our country and interestingly this number is increasing day by day. But the question is, is every new bike owner capable of choosing their dream one? Maybe not, There is some in and out to select the right bike according to the using purpose and choose. To make this job much easier for the new bike owner, this week our collection “Top 10 Things You Must Need To Check Before Buying A New Bike“. Let’s have a look one by one…

1. Budget-making.

Budget is called the first thing that you need to fix to give the life of your bike dream a life. Most of the new biker who buy the bike for the first time is mainly middle-income people. As a result, they took a bike for at least 2 to 10 years. So choosing the right bike with an affordable budget is very important. So, the first step to buying a new bike is defining your budget range. If you could fix your budget that you could afford then everything will be the little bit easy for you.

2. Make a list

Try to make a list of bike that you like and appropriate with your need. Once you have done it then just need to compare with your budget. By doing this you may find at least four to five bike that suits you in both budget and your need. By making a precise list easily you can select a suitable bike.

3. Take some advice from experience bike owner

Experience is always worthy when it comes to the talk of owning a new bike. Find an experienced bike owner is not a big deal. Surrounding us even may be in your family there is an experience bike owner. It is quite true that experience biker knowledge is much higher than you. So, take some advice from the experienced biker. Discuss your purpose and budget with him. He may give you a great advice to choice your first dream bike.

4. Try to be logical than emotional:

When its comes to the talk of taking the decision of choosing an appropriate bike then a logical decision is very important than emotional. Many people take the emotional decision at the time of choosing the bike and suffer rest of the bike lifetime. So, it is essential to take a logical decision. By impressing with a bike external look rather than evaluating its internal setup & compatibility it will be a great mistake to select a new bike.

5. Make a test ride

Before buying a new bike a test ride is very important because it not only help you to take your decision but also give you some confident. In our country before buying test ride facility is not available, that’s why you must have managed it on your own before buying that one. You can borrow that bike from anyone whom you know personally or any of your relatives. It will ensure you that you are running on the right track.

6. Define/precise your purpose

Actually, purpose defining is very important before choosing your first bike. There are lots of bikes out there and the purpose of this verity bike is different. People took new bike according to their purpose of use and need. Suppose you need a bike for a long ride then cruiser will be best for you. Otherwise, you could take whatever you suit and fulfill your demand. There is an article in our site hope that it will help you to find your favorite bike type. You can check it from here.

How Many Type of Bike Out There? Check it Now >>

7. Try to get height sold bike

There is a talk in bike market, Go with the trend. If you are not a bike expert then try to select a popular bike without thinking too much because it will help you to take the right bike for you. Normally popular bike parts are easily available and help us to avoid the further servicing complicacy. I have a friend who has a crazy to go with uncommon, walking in a reverse way. He brought an uncommon bike …unfortunately, its engine part got damaged and it’s not available in our country. So, because of this single parts whole bike is just become a junk. So, be careful about this mistake.

8. Servicing center & parts availability

Before buying a new bike let’s rethink about its servicing and parts availability. Most of the time biker faces this type of problem. Because buying a new bike is not the end, it just the beginning. The beginning of regular servicing, maintain etc. So if you are from a remote area then before buying a new bike ensure the parts availability and servicing point.

9. Check how it fits you

Its sound little bit funny but in reality, it’s very important to suit your bike with you. Most importantly your personality and your bike size and color need to match very precisely. Suppose you are 6 feet 90kg man. If you ride a bajaj ct100cc bike then it will look very uneven. So, after calculating your purpose and budget you need to suit the bike nicely otherwise, you will be out of your comfort zone.

10. Finally took time & take cool-headed decision

After all the basic thing consideration we need to take our decision. Think once, twice, thrice even hounded time before buying your first bike because once you buy one then you can’t rethink about the alteration. Just forget what friend will say, what neighborhood will say, be positive everything will be fine. Overall give priority of your mind and your logical knowledge. So before taking final decision rethink everything and take a cool-headed final decision. Hope that your will have a great success in your starting of bike life of your own.

That’s it for this week. Hope you get some idea about the selection of your dream bike by this “Top 10 Things You Must Need To Check Before Buying A New Bike” article. We will see something new in next week. For then…

Safe biking Happy riding…:)

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