Top 10 Mistakes That Rider Often Make & Put Themselves in Trouble

The motorcycle has become one our key transportation vehicle in Bangladesh. Its popularity is unbelievable and every single individual has the desire to have one of this. As a result, a huge number of bikes, you will see on the roads. It also makes one thing common that is bike accidents. Almost every day numbers of biker put themselves in small-large accidents unconsciously and many of them cost their valuable life. But there is some tips that could help to reduce the number of accidents. Let’s know the top 10 mistakes biker often makes and put themselves in trouble.

1. Fail to measure the distance

Measuring the distance is one of the most important things when you are riding the motorbike. It’s just something that could help us to take the right decision on the busy road. Most of the accident happen due to the mistake in measuring the distance from other vehicles and lack of skill. When you are riding the bike you should have to observe correctly the speed and distance of other vehicles. It will give you a clear idea what you have to do and which speed you have to ride. Sometimes, overtaking can cause a nasty accident and almost 90% of the overtaking accidents happen due to distance measuring failure.

2. Brakes Lubrication:

Improper Brakes lubrication is the main cause of brakes failure. In most of the case, brakes failure happens due to unsmooth brakes wire as well as the stuck of wire. As breaking is the most important thing in the bike. Without a proper, braking system accident is a must thing. So, in order to reduce the risk, we should lubricate the brakes wire regularly and before go out for long drive must check the brakes condition.

3. Crazy Overtaking Tendency:

It’s one of the main cause of bike accident, especially among the young generation. Nowadays there is a trend of speed biking where overtaking is a must thing. As we are talking about the crazy overtaking tendency, we should know that over thousand bike accident occur every day in our country due to this overtaking. There is some basic thing overtaking, but unfortunately, most of the young bike crazy rider do not follow them at all. Moreover, when it’s Bangladesh then slow moving vehicles also make it more complicated especially Easy bike/Auto bike, Riksha etc.Riding Without

4. Riding Without Helmet:

Helmet is something like the life saver. It’s a motorcycle kit that not only protects you from external disturb (e.g: accident, wind, dust, sun) but also gives you a stylish look and smartness. It is the only thing which could save your head from serious damage in the accident and save your life incense. For this reason without a helmet, riding is considered as a crime. In, Bangladesh for this crime you may fill the penalty or a case by the patrolling police officer. So, it’s far better to drives with a helmet rather than risking your like and money.Talking In cell phone during Riding

5. Talking In cell phone during Riding:

It is one of dangerous thing that rider many riders often do and cost their life. I have seen more than a hundred cases of spot death bike accident due to cell phone talking during riding. We all know that how much important to keep concentration during riding but, unfortunately, many drivers talk on the phone during riding and often put themselves in danger. So, as a bike lover you are cordially requested not to talk on the phone during riding.

6. Unfit Bike:

A motorcycle is the combination of thousands of small large parts and without one’s proper functioning the whole system can fall. That’s why the unfit bike is a cause to committee bike accident. Many riders use their bike very roughly without proper maintenance. As a result, they often reduce the lifespan of his bike and always face small or large difficulty in a regular interval. So, test the fitness of your bike and work on it for the safety of your life, time and money.Riding with anger

7. Riding with anger or upset mind:

Anger is a natural human behavior and sometimes we became upset for many reasons. Importantly riding on this type of mental condition add some extra risk in bike riding. We all know that how much important to keep concentration and carefulness about the surrounding in bike riding. But when we are in unstable mental condition then mistake could be easily made. So, we should be careful about this mental stability.Riding Without safety equipment

8. Riding Without safety equipment:

Safety is always an issue, especially when we are talking about Bangladeshi rider. Most of the bike rider of our country do not like to use any sort of safety equipment. As a result, Biker often found themselves in big danger and sometimes even cost their valuable life. So, as a biker, we all should take some common safety kits, Like- Helmet, hand gloves, Proper clothing, Shoes etc.Uncareful Riding and

9. Careless Riding:

Sometimes careless riding could cause a serious accident. It is something like driving in high traffic area in high speed, push other to give you side, crazy overtaking, disturb other by the horn and other prohibited stuff. Nowadays many young drivers have this type of tendency, they found some type of thrill in it but most of the time they end up with a massive accident and cost their life.

10. Poor riding skill:

It’s a fact that many riders do not have proper skill to ride in high traffic area. Sometimes this lake of skill can cause nasty accident although they have a driving licence. Due to corruption and other mismanagement, poor skill rider got driving licence and make the situation more complex. So, before going on the highway, every rider should improve their riding skill through practice. Because practice makes a man perfect and give the confidence to face the critical situation.

That’s all the top 10 mistakes that rider often makes. You could easily avoid the bike accidents by knowing the common mistakes and execute the solution during your riding.

That’s all for now. We will see something new in next time. For then…

Happy Biking & Safe Riding.

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