How To Clean Up Your Beloved Motorbike Properly – 7 Easy Step

Bike cleaning!!! sound awful, right? yeah, if you are a lazy person like me then bike cleaning is a kind of tough task. Most of the bike lover love their bike but when it comes to the talk of regular bike cleaning then the number will be at the bottom.Because of our busy life or our laziness, we try to avoid this important task. But for the bike best performance & bike longevity cleaning is a must thing to do regularly. Many Bikers took the way of motor cleaning shops to clean their beloved bike. But there is some easy interesting way by which we could easily clean our bike. Let’s know the seven easy step to clean your beloved bike properly.

Essential Equipment/Tools:

  • Clean water source/ Bucket of water
  • Toothbrush & paint brush
  • Shampoo or Bike shower gel
  • clean cotton cloths

1.  Place Your Bike Properly:

The first step of cleaning the bike properly placement. For the perfect placement find a slide sloppy place and then by using double stand give the bike a perfect washing placement. The sloppy place will help the water move fastly and it will easily remove the extra water from the bike for the gravitational force. By using double stand you could easily visualize the small part and shower it properly.

2. Give a soft shower first:

The next step is to give a soft shower and make sure all the external part is softly wet. This soft shower will help you to remove all the dirty and unwanted substance. By using the hand shower you can easily give your bike a soft shower. But if hand shower is not available then you could simply use water pipe or a small bucket to wet all the external part. After properly wet up all the washable part keep it for 3 to 5 min and then follow the next step.

N.B: Follow the warning below>>

3. Start cleaning from the upper portion:

Always try to start cleaning from the upper portion of the bike. It will reduce the need of over and over cleaning. If you start cleaning from the bottom then when you clean the upper portion it will again make dirty in the lower portion. That’s why cleaning from the upper side could help you from water wastage as well as your valuable time.Use shampoo or bike shower gel

4. Use shampoo or bike shower gel:

Just buy a mini-pack of shampoo of any well-known brand (e.g: Sunsilk, All clear etc) and mix it properly with the half bucket of water. It will help to remove the dirty substance properly without damaging your bike colors. You could use bike shower gel to clean up your bike but in our country, it quite tough to find and shampoo is relatively cheaper and easily manageable.

5. Clean properly through paint brush/ tooth brush:

After giving the soft shower properly, use the paint brush/ toothbrush to clean the bike nicely with the help of shampoo water. You could use the paint brush to clean up the wide area and external part. But for the internal part (Like the wheel, engine, and other small parts) toothbrush will be very handy. So, Clean your bike with whatever brush you like.

6. Give the final shower nicely:

After cleaning up the bike nicely next step is to give it a final shower. Make sure you did not miss any part to clean up and give it a final shower. Always try to use speedy water to give the final shower. If you are using hand shower or pipe then it is easier for you but if you are using the bucket water then use your hand to apply water in force through Mog/ little bucket.Dry up the bike in light shadow/ using cotton cloth

7. Dry up the bike in light shadow/ using cotton cloth:

The final step of cleaning the bike is dry it up properly. After the 6th step just waits a few minutes and then place it in a light shadow place for dry up. Within an hour, it will completely dry up and ready to use but if you want it faster then just wait 5 minutes to fall the water then using a clean cotton cloth clean the rest water smoothly. Hope that within half an hour your bike will be ready to race on the track.


  • Never wet the hot engine(***).
  • Always Avoid highly acidic detergent and shampoo to protect your original bike color(***).
  • Be careful about keyhole and Protect your ignition key hole as well as meter display from water in the time of washing(***).
  • You have to give more concentration during the time of washing brake. You should remove all oil from disk brake and keep safe your drum brake from the water(***).
  • Do not ride your bike just after washing because it slowly reduces the compatibility of your bike(**).
  • Do not use any hard object during the time of washing your motorbike that can make the scratch on your bike(**).
  • Always use soft and clean cloth for washing & drying(**).

That’s all from today. Hope that this will help you. We will see something new in next day. For then…

Easy cleaning & happy riding.

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