How Many Types Of Bike Out There? Every Rider Should Know

Suppose you a regular bike rider and riding for last 5 years or more. So, definitely, you have some fame and knowledge as a biker.  If someone ask you for help to find out which type of bike is best for him, or even ask you about a specific type of bike, What you are going to say? It’s a matter of prestige if you don’t know. So, Let’s know different types of bikes today.

There are different types of bike out there and you will get confuse if I tell you all different type of bikes name. Don’t worry I will not confuse you. I will show you seven general category of the bike on which you can identify all type of bike and their especial character.

Bikes are mainly categorized on the basis of their use. If you ask an expert what type of bike is best for me? Definitely, he will ask you what you want to do with it? So, on the basis of use, there is seven general type of bike out there.

1. Sports Bike:

The first one is sports bike which you could see on the racing track. This type of bike has very fast and powerful engines. It’s super styling look, great handling and aerodynamic fairing makes this as a top type of bike.

This type of bike is built for speed and styling. That’s why new rider should be very careful if you are going to ride one of this.

Now a day’s Sports bike dominated manufacturing companies are Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki. But Italian Ducati and British Triumph are still on the track strongly.Standard/ Naked bike/Roadsters: It is the most common type of street bike. General purpose serving upright riding position of this bike is the modern type of bike. In late 1990 a general term Naked had become popular as a synonym of standard and from then this Naked bike got the maximum market position.

2. Standard/ Naked bike/Roadsters:

It is the most common type of street bike. General purpose serving upright riding position of this bike is the modern type of bike. In late 1990 a general term Naked had become popular as a synonym of standard and from then this Naked bike got the maximum market position.

It is very flexible, low cost and standard engines bike which particularly suited the beginners very much.

The leading standard bike manufacturing companies are Ducati, Suzuki, Bajaj, Hero, Honda etc.

3. Cruisers Bike:

This type of bike is also called a custom bike. Wonderful control, down seated long wheelbase, is the main feature of this bike. This type of bike got huge popularity in late 1950 in America. But still there is some good demand in the market for this type of bike.

You may have seen that “Ghost Rider” movie and the use of this type of bike. The most important feature of this bike is its laid-back attitude. Its engine is huge and its front high design gave the rider a comfort seating position and mind blowing biking experience.

In the present bike market, Italian Firm Moto Guzzi and BMW is considered the leading Cruiser maker.

4. Scooters/mopeds:

Scooter is the 4th type of bike that got huge popularity in the mid-90s. It’s colorful looking , small size and most importantly low cost made this one of the most used bikes in the mid-90s.

It’s super stylish smaller engine, cheap running cost and easily affordable capacity make this one of the top type bikes. Still it is the first choose of a woman in the urban and rural area.

Mopeds are also small engine bike which includes both pedals system to drive the chain. It’s  used both conventional and unconventional way to pull the chain. As a result, it is relatively low costly bike then other.

5. Touring Bike:

By hearing the name easily you could understand that what purpose this bike is used. This bike has a powerful engine for on road long ride. It contains huge fuel tank and crushing ability gives the tourist a wonderful comfort ride.

Its massive engine( Ex: 1500cc or 1800cc Honda Goldwing) can produce huge energy to push the bike and carry a high load in any tough track.It has the capacity to carry your luggage and other things. Its  plush seats, heated handlebar grips and passenger comfort are perfectly set up for tour lover.

6. Adventuring Sports:

It is called the on and off road bike. It is the simplification of touring bike and sports bike. This type of bike contains powerful engine which could keep speed and carry loads for the long ride.

It has both facilities of touring bike and sports bike. But the most important think is its gorgeous look and tall profile. This upright seating position gives the rider good visibility over other vehicle and easily visible to other.

7. Off- Road/ Hybrid bike:

This is quite a different type of bike from those type we discuss before. There is a different type of off-road bike based on their purpose of use. By keeping the purpose in mind this type of hybrid bike is produce. Something like Mountain Bike, Vally Bike etc.

A hybrid bike is something which is manufactured for multiple purposes.  Anything that combined for multiple purpose and multiple ways is known as a hybrid bike. But the most interesting thing about this type of bike is its look. Sometimes its epic and funny for general peoples.

There is also some epic type of bike like the tricycle, fully covered bike etc but they are not actually the general type of bikes. It’s something like especial purpose serving bike and it could be defined as a hybrid bike.

That’s all from today. We will see something new in next time. For then,

Happy Riding…

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