Good Quality Bike Fuel – How To Get & why it’s Important?

Fuel is called the blood of your bike. It’s obvious that without fuel you can move anywhere with your bike. So, find out the good quality fuel for the bike has become a concern for all bike rider. Although the3re is some electric bike available on the market but most of the case( almost 99%) its fuel bike. Now the question  pop up everyone’s mind,  how to get the good quality fuel?

By definition, good quality fuel is nothing but the source of energy which helps the engine to deliver maximum performance in a certain limit. By burning the fuel,  bike engine produces energy and make the bike run.

Normally biker uses patrol and in few case octane. But most of the rider do not have any idea which one is good for their bike and what is necessary. Patrol and octane both are the hydrocarbon (C8H18) long chain and it broke down into small chain hydrocarbons (CH3, C2H5, etc) during the bike engine combustion. The main difference between this two fuel is their Octane Number. It’s called RON( Recharge Octane Number).It starts from 82 to 92,  which is mainly the combustible gasoline number.

Now came to the pint, What is necessary for your bike best performance? It’s patrol, Yes according to the theory most of the bike need good quality patrol. Your bike engine size and its combustion procedure need some good quality fuel. That’s mean right amount of octane number.

Now the question is how to find the right quality bike patrol? Normally it’s tough to know for a rider the accurate octane number of a patrol especially when you are in Bangladesh. Generally, good quality petrol is enough for every bike to extract maximum performance but in our country as we do not have access to know the right octane number, so we have to depend on some statistical formula.

We have seen that in our country most of the patrol is not sufficient quality full  as we require. The required octane number is little lower that we need. So, we have to apply a little statistical formula to make some good quality fuel.

As we know that octane is quite good fuel than petrol because of its high octane number. So, by keeping the cost in mind if we mix octane and petrol in 1:10 formula then definitely we will have some good quality fuel that we need. Here, 1: 10 formula means, 1 litter octane and 10 litter patrol mixed together for a representative good Quality bike fuel.

Goog Quality Bike Fuel = 1 Litter Octane + 10 Litter Patrol

There is also something that every rider should know. Selection of right fuel and producing the good quality fuel sometimes can be tough because of lack of time or scope. There are lots of bikers out there who buy fuel  in small quantity( like 1li or 2 li) and when the fuel is running out. For them following this formula is quite tough and sometimes impossible. That’s why some expert suggestion is given below to find out  the relatively good fuel for your bike.

  1. Try to avoid roadside fuel because some roadside seller mixed normal oil with the patrol.
  2. Buy patrol from your trusted source. Relatively, friend or well-known mechanic could be a good way to find a trusted source. It will also ensure the right quantity.
  3. In long root or unknown place use good oil pump for buying fuel.

That’s all from today. We will discuss something new in the next week. For then…

Good fueling, happy riding.

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