BD Traffic Violation & Its Fine You May have to Pay – RTTA (2011)

traffic violation and it's penalty

Traffic police

Bangladesh Traffic Violation Rules and its penalty is a must know subject for all bike rider used to ride in this country. As Bike has become our one of the main transport system, We are facing the different type of problem every day, Especially from Polic and other defences Officer.

Sometimes we commit some offence without knowing the actual thing and it sometimes cost large scale of money from our Pocket. Beside this sometimes we are overcharged due to our ignorance. So, to prevent this type of unwanted issue we should know some common Traffic Violation and Penalty.

Section No:

Offence Name/ Catagory


137 General Fine 200tk
139 Using hydraulic horn  100tk
140 Disobey police order, refusal to cooperate 500tk
140 Disobeying red signal 500tk
142 Careless driving 300tk
146 Accident related fine 500tk
149 Driving without safety 300tk
150 Black smoke emission 200tk
151 Modification of car and sale without permission 1250tk
152 Driving without registration, fitness, or route permit 700tk
154 Overloading the car 500tk
155  Driving without insurance 500tk
156 Driving without permission 500tk
157  Blocking road or public place 250tk
158 Unauthorized touch/use of car 250tk
000  Lane violation 1000tk

According to the Bangladesh Road Transport & Traffic Act(RTTA)- 2011 you have to pay above certain amounts of money due to the violation of rules. In some specific condition, this penalty could be double if you caught by any spatial law enforcement officer. There is a small part of RTTA-2011 Under the Chapter of XXI – Offence And Penalty Procedure.

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Your life is more precious than time. So don’t get hurry in, it could take you to h doom. So, follow he Rules And drive according to the requirement, don’t get over excited & drive carefully.

That’s all from today. We will see something new in next week. For then…

Happy & offence free biking.

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