7 Proved Security Tips That Could Save Your Bike From Stolen

Motorbike Security is a burning issue for all bike rider. Almost every day many riders lost their beloved bike because of the bike thief. Most of the case poor security and unconsciousness are the main reason for this problem. But if we could follow some tips then easily we could prevent this heartbreaking unwanted incident. So, Let’s have a look at 7 Proved Security Tips That Could Save Your Bike From Stolen.

1. Lock:

Locking the bike is the first step to ensuring the security. When your bike is out of your sight then lock is the first way to make it safe. Now the question is what type of lock should I use to secure my bike. Ok, Normally there are so many types of lockout there and they could be used to ensure the first stage of security. Let’s have a look at different type of lock below:

  • Headlock: Headlock is nothing but the lock that locks the bike head portion. It prevents the bike naked to rotate and ensure the bike security nicely. Almost all modern bike have this facility and it’s really easy to use. Especially when you need to put your bike lock for a short time within your eyesight.
  • Wheel lock: wheel lock is the locking system that locks down your front wheel nicely. Normally in the modern bike, this type of security is pretty rear but some backdated model of the bike still have this feature. It’s normally attached to the front base wheel.
  • Hydraulic lock: This type of lock is normally seen in all modern bike. It just a small lock, normally used in the hydraulic disc. It prevents the wheel to rotate and give the bike an extra advantage of security.
  • Chain lock: By hearing the lock you may realize, what type of lock it is. A long chain is usually used to lock down the bike with any fixed ground substance. Most of the modern driver don’t like to use this type of lock because it’s a kind of a burden to them. But some passionate driver still uses this type of lock for best security. This type of lock is very useful for touring bike but you can use it for a super security of your bike.

2. Keep Your Bike In Front Place:

It’s a tricky way to give your bike a tough security. Normally thieves are trying to stroll from the backyard because of limited visibility and public movement. Thieves always target those bikes which have a low security and being caught risks very low. If you put your bike in front line then it will be visible to others easily. Any type of suspicious thing will be easily noticed by the public and that makes the thieves job really tough.

3. Sound Security:

Nowadays a lot of bikers love to use this sound security system because it not only ensure the security but also give the public attention. Many bikers use this wonderful system to keep their bike safe and sound. If anyone touch the bike it will make a weird sound and give you a signal that your bike is in danger. If you have this security on then thieves will think twice to move a step toward your bike.

4. Put The Fuel Reserve Key In Middle:

It’s an unobvious trick but sometimes it really works. The reserve key ups and down usually need to change the source of fuel supply to engines. But the trick is if you put the fuel reserve key in the middle then it will stop supplying the fuel to engine and eventually stop the engine. So, it’s just a trick and you could use it to maximize your bike security.

5. Try to use well guarded Parking Place:

Parking is always an issue because in our country well-guarded parking place is limited. So, it’s very very important to ensure parking security. Parking a bike just cost 10 or 20 to only but many people put the question on their bike security for this little money. So, always try to use a well-guarded parking place to ensure your bike safety.

6. Open the engine plug:

It’s another tricky way to maximize the security. Open the engine plug could prevent your bike from getting a start. Mainly this plug supplies the spark to start the engine. If this plug is off then there is no chance to start the engine.Sometime biker use this easy trick to get maximum security and interestingly it’s really fruitful.

7. Stay Alert & Careful:

And finally, you need to stay alert and careful about your bike position. Sometimes a little consciousness could save your bike from being stolen. We all rider should keep in mind that low security and unconscious rider bike is the first target of the thief. So, after using all the security equipment, you just need to stay alert and careful to prevent the thief to make your beloved bike as a target.

That’s all for toady. We will see something new and effective in next day. For then…

Secure biking, Happy riding.

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  1. September 15, 2016

    […] The next one is bikes security system( e.g: Locks, Chain, Placement etc). It is as important as your house security. Because low security is the main target of the bike thief. We all care so much about our beloved bike. So, its security is a key for all the bike owner. For this reason, ensure your bike maximum security by applying different types of locks and other effective tips. You can read those top 7 security tips and trick from here>> […]

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