10 Key Points To Consider when You Are a Bangladeshi Stuntman – Bike Stunting

Bike Stunt has become one of the popular things of our country, especially among the young generation.  Stuntmania is now a very popular word. Every young rider wants to do some crazy stunt. It’s a kind of show-off and a larger number of biker dreamed about it. But there are some important things that every stuntman should know for their safety and performance. Let’s explore the 10 key points that every BD stuntman should consider.

1. Safety Equipment:

Safety is the first important thing that bike stuntman should worry. In stunting mistake is pretty common and without safety equipment stunting is just a suicide. Most of the Bangladeshi stuntman’s do not use proper safety. In many cases, they think less safety is a courage & show off. But unfortunately, it can cost their precious life.Now the question is which are proper safety equipment for a stuntman?

  • Well protected Helmet
  • Hand gloves
  • Nee cap
  • Body Protection Jacket
  • Well covered shoes

Just put on this five basic safety equipment before going for the stunt. Hope that yu will be safe and sound.Bike maintenance

2. Bike maintenance:

When you are a bike stuntman then the bike is like your body. You have to care it properly if you want to get good performance. It is one of the most important factors that influences your performance. Lack of proper maintenance could cause a serious accident during stunting. So, just check your bike A to Z  before going on the track. Because it not only improve its performing capability but also boost up your confidence level.

3. Center of gravity:

It is something that keeps the stuntman on the bike during stunt performing. Every single thing in this world has a center of gravity and for this moving component can move. Without the presence of the center of gravity, we can’t walk properly. Just like that, Bike has it’s center of gravity when it run on the track. As a stuntman, you have to understand this properly. Because a little miscalculation could make you off balance and cause a serious accident. Any type of stunt, you just need to keep the center of gravity in balance and do want ever you want to do.

4. Breaks checkup:

The break is one of most important thing in the bike because without breaks bike is just an uncontrolled running stuff. When you are a stuntman then no one better knows the importance of breaks than you. There are so many stunts which totally depend on the breaks. Bike breaks give the stability and the control over the situation. If you are going to perform a stunt then careful checkup your breaks lubrication condition and if it’s hydraulic disc system then check the oils. Always keeps in mind that a little mistake could take your life.Lubrication

5. Lubrication:

Lubrication is a very very important thing for bike stunt. Because when you are stunting, you are taking your bike to its maximum capability. So, it’s very very important to make it lubricate properly with quality fuel. Because quality fuel is the only thing which could help your beloved bike perform nicely.

Follow the Process of getting quality fuel >>

As a stuntman, you should know that empty fuel tank is more dangerous than a full one. Because in the case of an accident, little oil tank will blast more than a full tank. The science behind this is available air. If air is limited then blast will be very small like in full tank but an empty tank is capable produce massive blast because of enough executable air and fuel.Find an Open space

6. Find an Open space:

It is just as important as your safety is. If you are a new stuntman then open space is a must for your practice. When you are practicing you need to ensure your safety and so the publics. Stunt practicing in the traffic area could produce a catastrophic accident. So, in order to ensure your safety and other public issues, you have to select an open space for practicing your stunt.weight distribution

7. weight distribution:

Weight distribution is an important matter for all bike stunt man. Most of the bikes that usually stuntman’s use for stunting of our country has high height bike. So, it maintains a weight distribution procedure. Total weight of the bike is nicely distributed on two wheels and it has a center of gravity. By maintaining the right speed this weight and center f gravity could be transfer one side to another and that is the basic trick of every stunt. If we able to understand this science then everything will be easy for us to perform.

8. Tire grip and air presser:

As a stuntman, it is very important for your bike and your performance. Tire grip creates the friction to move forward faster on the track. A plain tire can slip on the track and cause a serious accident. So, check up your tire condition before going for any stunt.

Another thing is air presser, it also help the tire to grip nicely. In any stunt right air presser is very important because lack if air presser could slow down your speed and influence your performance.Learn Before try

9. Learn Before try:

We all know learning and practice the most important thing when we are trying to make any stunt. There are so many stunts that beginner usually trying to do without knowing the basic thing. If you want to be successful in stunt performance then you have to learn before you try. Because good knowledge is always helpful to achieve the target easily. Many beginners do not care about the learn but you ask an expert definitely, he will advise you to learn as much as you can.

10. Practice more and more:

Practice makes a man perfect, the more you practice then the less you will make the mistake. So, you may understand the importance of practice in stunt performing. Practice not only give you the accuracy but also the confidence to perform it well. It doesn’t matter win or loss when you practice it thousand times to mastering your capability. Many younger stuntman committee serious accidents due to lack of practice and knowledge.

That’s all from Today. We will discuss something excited in next week. For then…

Happy & safe stunting.

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