10 Key Point To Keep In Mind While Riding In Heavy Traffic Area – Expert Suggesion

Motorcycle has become one of our main transportation vehicle in Bangladesh. As a result, huge numbers of bike you could see on the road. But it added some risk to ride the high traffic area. We all know that how important this riding skill is when you are using it frequently. Most of the time bike accident occur due to lack of skill and concentrations. In order to reduce this risk in the right traffic area, every rider should know the Top 10 tips to ride safely in high traffic area. Let’s explore them one by one…

1. Watch your Front Vehicles:

Watching the front vehicles is always very important when you are riding any vehicles and it become more important when you are riding in heavy traffic area. In heavy traffic area, you have to take decision according to the situation. It’s obvious that you can drive at high speed. So you have to watch the front vehicle and try to follow them. As long as you follow him in a traffic area, there is no risk but showing crazy overtaking tendency could produce a nasty accident and even cost your life.

2. Don’t Hurry:

We always in a hurry and our time is so precious. But we often forget that life is more precious than time. If we put our life in danger due to hurry then what is the use of that time. Traffic is always an issue and we can’t solve it overnight. So, we have to adapt to it and try to find the appropriate solution. Like, Bumper to bumper traffic usually makes the situation more complex for the biker to move forward. But when you are in this type of situation then you have to be careful and try to find a way. You should have to be patient and drive in the safe zone. Usually, I don’t suggest footpath but if the traffic is out of control then you could use it as an instant solution but be careful about the open hole and public disturbance.Ride in a decent Speed

3. Ride in a decent Speed:

Another important thing is speed. Keep a decent speed could help you to pass the high traffic area easily. Sometimes speed became a fact in traffic problem. If you maintain a decent speed according to the situation hopefully easily you could pass the traffic area.Trust your Mirror glass

4. Trust your looking mirror:

It’s important to use the mirror properly especially in high traffic area. In high traffic area, you should use the looking mirror according to your suitable position. Normally in a traffic area, a certain angel mirror positioning is very important because it not only give you a clear view of your back but also help you to realize the situation properly. So, position your mirror according to your seating position and trust on it.

5. Be alert for sudden break:

Breaking is always important when you are riding the bike and it became a must thing when it is a high traffic area. In high traffic area, the biker has always depended on their break and relies on this to keep the speed in a certain range. But the most important thing I have ever found is the sudden break. As I previously discuss the importance of following the front vehicle and it’s obvious that in high traffic area sudden brakes is pretty common. So, we have to be alert for the sudden break when we are riding in high traffic zone.Follow the Traffic Rull and Signal

6. Follow the Traffic Rull and Signal:

Follow the traffic rules is an important matter in high traffic area. But unfortunately, we Bangladeshi have a tendency to break the traffic rules and unfollow the signal. We are always in the hurry and we never realize the importance of following the traffic rules until we put ourself in a serious accident. Beside this if we break the traffic rules we will penalize. So, it’s a humble request to all my beloved riders please don’t break the traffic rules and follow the signal.

Follow the BD Traffic Offence and Penalty>>

7. Try To be visible to the other driver:

It’s an important fact that when you are are visible to other drivers then definitely they will give you priority for humanity. As a biker, I have got side by other large vehicles (e.g – Truck, Bus and other) to overtake them. It does not only ensure your security but also save your time. So, whenever you are in high traffic road try to utilize this type of opportunity.Beside this, it will help the front and back driver to make their decision easily.

8. Keep Little Distance:

Keeping a little distance from another driver is a very important thing when you are driving on high traffic road. A Little distance is always important because it will help you control your bike and let you break properly. Bumper to bumper traffic is always tough to get through and control your bike but normally in high frequency transporting road this method could be very fruitful.

9. Choose the Right Track:

Right track selection is another way to get rid of from high traffic. Usually, main roads have many subways to pass through. If you got yourself in high traffic then try to find a subway to pass through. Sometimes it could be very helpful although in some case it may need to ride relatively long way.Stay calm & drive Carefully with Skill

10. Stay calm & drive Carefully with Skill:

Stay calm and drive according to the situation is always a key to drives in high traffic area. Normally in high traffic area, bike riding is always tough especially for the new rider. So, if we lose our temper and try to overtake crazily then definitely we will face a massive accident. That’s why calm head and skillful hand is always a tram card to pass through a high traffic area safely in short time.

No more today, we will see something new in next week. For then happy biking.

For then happy and safe biking.

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